It's about accountability and hours

At W5 we're small, really small: one Creative Director, one Lead Copywriter, and a very naughty cat who frankly does very little work. You may think this is a disadvantage, but consider this...


When you go with a big agency you get a pitch team (who you will likely never see again), a business development manager, an account manager, a project manager, a creative director, an art director, a designer, a copywriter, studio and third party contributors.


Sounds great right? Until you start wondering why you are paying for all the hours they are burning passing your work amongst themselves unnecessarily. And you will.

Work with us and when you talk to us you are talking directly and all at once to the people who will strategise your brand needs with you, art direct your brand, craft your logo, design the UX and UI of your app, create the pixel perfect finished assets, write your insightful slogans, and project manage the whole enterprise from concept to delivery, without pointlessly burning hundreds of hours in multiple departments and meetings.

To understand more why not scroll down and take in this infographic?

W5 Agency flowchart-03.png

DISCLAIMER Unfortunately you won't get the cat, it's not even our cat, it just wanders in for milk, playtime and the odd nap.